It take great pride in my appearance, presentation, and the companionship I provide.  I understand that my investment schedule may not be suitable for everyone, but sincerely believe it is reflective of the value bestowed in return.  If time with me is outside of your reach, I wish you the best of luck finding a more suitable companion.  Please be a gentleman and refrain from negotiating, as doing so will end regrettably for us both. 

Bespoke arrangements are available for the gentleman seeking regular, continued companionship and if interested in such an arrangement AFTER our first meeting, please kindly ask. I welcome respectful conversation.

I’m sorry no, I don’t participate in any review sites. I believe the time we spend together should be solely for our enjoyment and value both privacy and discretion highly. A lady does not kiss and tell, and nor should a gentleman….

I accept cash and debit transfers via Zelle or CashApp.   All major credit cards are accepted via PayPal, Venmo, or Square.  VISA debit card and Amazon gift are optionally available.  Invoices are available via a discreet business name. 

Bitcoin is accepted via Coinbase.

Please add 5% to credit card & Bitcoin payments in order to cover processing fees. If an alternate and reasonable payment method is preferred, please contact me as these can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Please ensure the investment amount is accurate. If meeting in a social setting, please place it in a gift bag, greeting card envelope, book, bouquet of flowers, or other creative delivery method and present it in plain sight within 5-10 minutes of our initial greeting. Please do not hand it to me directly, and most importantly, please do not make me ask for it. Courteousness is immensely appreciated and pleasant favors returned in equal measure. If meeting at my location, please place the envelope near the bear on the kitchen counter.

Absolutely! They are accurate to show you what I look like now, not what I looked like in the past or what I hope to attain in the future. I have often been told that I look better in person than what my photos portray and have never had anyone disappointed. I don’t believe in false advertising. The person you see in the photos will be the person who you meet during our date.

Yes, I would be delighted to join you at any of these events! Rest assured I will dress to impress and strive to add a flair of unconventional distinction to whatever social function you desire.

A fully completed reservation form is the fastest way to book a date! If you have an inquiry or question, please feel free to contact me directly via email at  

I strive to respond to all emails and respectful inquiries in a timely manner (almost always within 24 hours). However, if your email is inappropriate in any way, it is discarded without a reply. If all you could muster was on of the dreaded one-liners like “hey you available?” or “wanna play?”, I guarantee we will never meet. If you feel that your email was appropriate and respectful and you have still not received a reply within 24 hrs, then something likely went awry with technology…if such is the case, please accept my apologies and feel free to email again.  To avoid this potential complication, might I suggest that you add my email to your “safe senders” list? I would hate for technology, as delightful as it can be at times, to be the cause of a delayed rendezvous.

I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you would like to request, please let me know, or visit my Pamper Me page! Alternatively, I would love to wear an outfit of your choosing. I wear a US size 6 in most articles of clothing but please do check with me first so that we can ensure the item will fit once ordered. Contact me directly for shipping instructions, and please also allow enough time before our date to make sure the item arrives. When specific requests are not made, you can be absolutely assured that I will always dress with elegance and suited to the occasion. I turn heads only for the right reasons.

I plan my schedule out quite far in advance and welcome as much notice as you can give me. Please do not feel shy about asking for a date a week, a month, or even longer in advance. Planners are kindred souls in my eyes…. While planning ahead would be my personal preference, I do understand that sometimes planning for extra-curricular activities can be somewhat complicated. Nevertheless, I greatly appreciate a minimum of 24-48 hrs for appointments so I can be at my mental and physical best for you. Also, due to the large numbers of inquiries I receive and proportionately small number of gentleman callers with whom I choose to meet, my schedule does book up fairly fast at times. Please keep in mind that the more notice you can give me, the better the chance I will be able to accommodate your schedule! Short notice appointments are sometimes available for existing friends, and the best way to request these is through text. For travel and/or extended engagements, plenty of notice is appreciated and a minimum of two weeks is required.

All overnight dates require a minimum of 5 hrs uninterrupted sleep.  All dates of longer than 24 hrs require a minimum of 6-7 hrs uninterrupted sleep each night. 

Rest assured I will be at your disposal for the entirety of our time together, but do ask for a reasonable time to sleep, conduct personal care, and handle basic personal matters if/as they should arise.