In-Person Dates


I adore getting to know you and firmly believe the cultivation of an intellectual connection reaps bountifully in all else that may follow!  The investment schedule below reflects my proclivity toward extended dates and enduring friendship.

Please note, all dates of three hours and longer do require some measure of social/public time.


Custom Dates

This option is designed for the gentleman who knows exactly the type of date he desires…simply choose the length and type of private & public time you’d prefer, in whatever combination & order, and build your own custom dream date!

Private Time, per 1 Hour $1,000
Private Time, per 1/2 Hour $700
Public Time, per 1 Hour $300
Public Time, per 1/2 Hour $200
When spontaneity is key…
These dates are best suited for the gentleman wishing to have some spontaneity & fluidity in the events as they unfold…choose preset date times with no specific private/public time in mind.  Allow the trajectory of the date to dictate its nature!
1/2 hour $700
1 Hour $1000
1.5 Hours $1700
2 Hours $2000
3 Hours $2500
4 Hours $2750
5 Hours $3000
6 Hours $3250
10 Hours ~ All Day Affair $4000
14 Hours ~ Breakfast In Bed $5000
18 hours – Extended Overnight $6000
24 Hours $7000
 + each additional day thereafter $3500
a la Carte options

may be added to either custom or spontaneous dates

Rush Scheduling for dates <24 hrs notice

Rush Scheduling for dates <12 hrs notice



For the Truly Adventurous + $700
      Outcalls (while traveling) + $100
Couples, I adore you… +$300
Video/Photographic Keepsakes
+ $100
Doubles Hers plus mine.  Please match the higher rate.
In-date extensions, when possible, are simply the difference between the existing and newly desired date and do not carry a separate hourly rate.


Preferred Investments

Offered exclusively for the gentleman who visits with me regularly.  Please deduct the following from the investments listed above:

– if it has been less than two months since our last date, -20%

– it it has been less than three months since our last date, -10%

PLEASE NOTE: I am not currently offering grandfathering to any previous rates, unless we have a bespoke arrangement in place.  If you are an existing friend and have any questions in this regard, please contact me.

Please scroll down for retainer, cancelation and payment information.


I will happily visit with you at your upscale hotel. Visits to private residences are reserved for existing friends.

I kindly ask for a $100 travel stipend for outcalls while traveling.  There is no additional charge for Houston & Dallas locations.

Sponsor a Tour

Want to see me in your city, but not quite ready or able to commit to a FMTY date?  This is the perfect solution!  Reserve a minimum of a 3 hr date plus $250 travel stipend, and I will schedule a tour to your city!

Fly Me to You

Traveling the world is an invigorating experience that cultivates the most delightful of memories…

Whether a popular vacation destination or a road less traveled, hitting the road is best done in the company of one who inspires, relaxes, and simply accepts. I can provide a sorely needed respite from the stresses of a busy work trip, or exquisite companionship for the vacation of your dreams. I am passport ready, with extra pages…you have my exclusive and undivided attention.

  • Domestic travel – 4 hr minimum + $1,000
  • Canada & Mexico – 6 hr minimum + $1,500
  • International travel – 24 hr minimum + $2,000
  • 4+ star accommodations and all expenses paid upon arrival
  • Air travel is included in the above: I arrange and cover my own airfare expenses, as well as transportation to & from your hotel.


Imagine a relaxing massage in comfort and privacy, accompanied by an alluringly dressed woman, the room lit by candlelight and soft music playing in the background…the exquisite healing nature of a woman’s touch…there’s really just nothing better.

All FBSM dates are available at my regular investment schedule, please just indicate your interest when requesting your date.

Please note I do not offer Nuru or Shiatsu massages.


I firmly believe in quality over quantity in every sense of the expression…I am an extremely low-volume, exclusive professional girlfriend and pride myself on building mutual chemistry and true connection during the time we share together. I accept a very limited number of dates and am available by appointment only.

I will hold your tentative, unconfirmed date in my schedule for 24 hrs once we’ve gotten past verification and I have provided retainer information.  If the retainer is not received within that time frame, your tentative date is removed from my schedule and you’ll have to rebook at another time.  If this happens more than once, I will no longer accept a date request from you.

Retainers may be waived for returning friends at my discretion, but are otherwise required as follows:

All Regular Dates
Custom Travel: Sponsor a Tour & FMTY Dates

The retainer may be made via any of the following, the details for which will be provided upon date confirmation.  All platforms will reflect a discreet business name.

  • Preferred for Credit Cards:  Wave
  • Preferred for Debit Cards: Zelle
  • Preferred Alternative: Prepaid debit card (email front & back of card)
  • Paypal & Venmo: lesser preferred, but also available
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum accepted via Coinbase Commerce

In the highly unlikely event that I must cancel, a full refund of any deposit, minus any applicable expenses, will be issued within 24 hours.


Life happens. I completely understand that schedules can be crazy and changes and/or cancelations may be required from time to time. However, please understand that I reserve our time together specifically for you, and that preparation for our time together often involves significant investment on my part. I kindly ask that you be just as considerate of my time as you are of yours.

Please read the following cancelation policies before booking, and know they will be enforced. If at all possible, please kindly give a minimum of 48 hrs for scheduling changes.

Dates in Houston:

36-24 hrs prior to date 25%
24-12 hrs prior to date 50%
Up to 12 hrs prior to date 100%

For all dates while touring and traveling:

Deposits are fully refundable if you must cancel our date prior to 7 days.

If you must cancel between 5-7 days, 50% deposit will be refunded or may be credited toward a future date.

No refunds are given if cancelation is within 4 days. Application of a credit toward a future date is at my discretion, with due consideration of circumstance.

Please note deposits for custom travel arrangements (Sponsor a Tour and FMTY dates) are not refundable, however I’m happy to make all reasonable attempts at rescheduling to another mutually agreeable time.

Lastly, if you allow our time to pass without any attempt at contacting me, the full amount of the date is due and full prepayment will be required to secure future dates.

Non-payment will result in blacklisting.